ATS Infrastructure Limited

ATS is not just your assurance realty partner but is also a feeling that accords to the emotion of walking across verdant green pathways and structural design leading towards aesthetically designed condominiums amidst friendly living spaces that pledge affordable living embrace by the calm of luxury.

“Let us make a promise today. Together. To maintain one another. Shoulder to Shoulder. To create an attraction that will withstand the test of time. Icons. To work towards the enlargement of the association and each one of us independently. Sincerely. Let us make this promise today. Together”

Since its beginning, ATS has set unconquerable and extraordinary benchmarks in planning, design, and aesthetics while considering the increasing need for superiority in the real estate sector. Delivering outstanding projects on an inflexible and dedicated timeline, ATS has skilled unique growth and is now a name to consider within the real estate sector.

We have come an extensive way since, setting new principles in the realty space with each project being improved than the one last delivered while rising exponentially both in excellence and productivity. The company observer an exceptional growth with nearly 2.5 million square meters of housing space already delivered and 1.9 million square meters underway, nearly 25000+ satisfied customers, 3500 dedicated workforces, strange in-house construction, safety, ability, and preservation teams and unmatched brand equity. ATS desire to expand its footsteps in diverse geographies across the nation.

ATS homes are known for the essence their progress has, green environs, stylish architecture, top-notch amenities and a host of suitable facilities. With a focused approach through unparalleled professionalism and clearness, the company continues to attain new milestones and celebrate the trust of clients who have bought homes with us in the last two decades. This trust happens when clients experience first-hand that their wellbeing will always be the uppermost priority for ATS.